Umer Cheema, The News International’s investigative reporter was tortured and humiliated during a 6-hour captivity after being abducted by unidentified men from capital Islamabad on Saturday, it has emerged.

Giving account of the events of abduction and torture following his release, Umer Cheema told his paper, he was picked up by some unknown men in police uniforms from Islamabad Sector I-8 when he was returning home early in the morning at Sehri time and taken to an unknown place some 45 to 50 minutes drive from the capital.

He said he was heading home in his car after meeting with friends, The News reported. When he reached Sector I-8, a Land Cruiser blocked his way and pulled over in front of his SUV while a white Toyota came and parked right behind.

“A few unknown men wearing uniforms of Elite Force came up to me, saying I crushed a man at Zero Point and drove off and then these men forcibly took me along with them,” Umer Cheema said.

He said the men covered his face and took him to a building at 45 to 50 minutes drive.

“I was held in illegal captivity for 6 hours during which I was continuously tortured and humiliated in nude. They stripped me, hanged me upside down and shaved off my head and mustaches,” the senior reporter of the country’s leading English daily said.

Umer Cheema quoted the captors as saying: “Do you intend to have Martial Law imposed in the country by publishing anti-government reports?”

He said the captors warned: “Stop writing against the government, if you cannot bear this torture, and that Ansar Abbasi will be next target if I failed to stop.” They were also aware of my arriving in Gujranwala, Umer Cheema added.

Ansar Abbasi is editor in-charge of The News Investigative cell which has done several reports above board regardless of political fallouts of such reports.