Pakistan cricketing trio has been questioned by Scotland Yard detectives over secret bank accounts linked to alleged spot-fixing scam.

They were asked about secret accounts in Swiss and British banks, which, according to the News of the World investigation, Mr Mazhar Majeed said he had set up in their names.

Sources said the role of Salman Butt was under closest scrutiny. Butt was interviewed last by the Scotland Yard detectives. Aamer was grilled for over five hours followed by Asif for two hours. All questionings were done in front of their attorneys.

Further revelations are expected this weekend. Particluarly, it will focus on four more Pakistan cricketers, it has emerged. The team would deliberately lose two coming one-day matches, it is being said.

Captain Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir – the trio – remain in the hot seat even though they claim innocence in the spot-fixing scandal that has rocked the sports. All three volunteered to drop out from ongoing matches claiming “mental torture”.

The trio have reportedly said the money recovered from bookmaker Majeed was given to them on account of sponsorship contracts that they had signed with different commercial organizations. The players have also said that Mazhar Majeed (bookie) was working as their agent to secure sponsorship deals and they did not know that he was a bookmaker. The players also showed to the their written contracts for these sponsorship deals to the detectives, claimed PCB’s legal advisor.

The players have been suspended temporarily by the PCB, it has emerged. Minus these players the Pakistan versus England one dayers will go on under the captainship of Shahid Afridi “Boom Boom” who is already in London.

On Friday the trio was grilled by the Scotland Yard for more than six hours. No criminal charges have been slapped on them as their actions did not trigger any illegal betting in the highly legalized and controlled betting system of London.

However, reports have emerged that secretly marked cash used in the spot-fixing scandal involving the trio were found in the belongings of captain Salman Butt, a report said. Butt had claimed the money was his own and was meant to do shopping for his sister’s marriage.

The money is believed to have been part of £150,000 handed over by the undercover News of the World reporter to the bookmaker Mazhar Majeed. Majeed was arrested twice but got bailed out without charges. Once he was arrested on charges of illegal betting, the other for money laundering. His football club has been sealed.

Meanwhile, the ICC has withdrawn Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir from the annual awards list.

Aamer was in the running for the best emerging player award while Asif was listed in the best cricketer category.