Sifting through the annals of history, we find some broken and old mirrors into our past. Some of them have cracked, and disfigured, while some of them are still clean and crystal.Today, when we look into our past through one of these mirrors, our heads turn down in shame.

On this day, many years ago, we stood up … we fought and we fought. We were a nation of brave people. We were men. We had courage. We had valor. We knew we wouldn’t let the enemy touch our sacred soil. We wouldn’t let the enemy put his dirty gaze on our mothers, sisters and daughters … We wrote history with our blood. We rode the storm… But people what happened today? Is there a single veteran of that war out there? Where did that courage go? Where that valor went? How could we let them step on our soil and take our daughter away? How could we let them enslave our sister? Is there any one out there who would lay his life to bring a daughter, a mother and a sister back from captivity? The daughter of this nation that we once fought to protect? Is there anyone out there…. Anyone?

Dr. Siddiqui is a Pakistani citizen imprisoned in the US whose physical and mental health has deteriorated significantly while in US custody and her suffering increases each day as she is held in isolation there. It should be noted that repatriation of Dr. Siddiqui prior to sentencing [23rd Sept, 2010] is even not prohibited under US law, as been previously claimed by the US.

Unfortunately, the US government simply lacks the political will to effectuate this repatriation, and will not do so unless the Pakistani government provides sufficient incentives.

Yes, together we make a solemn pledge from today that we’ll not remain silent and would continuously pressurize our Govt to bring our sister Dr.Aafia back and put an end to injustices committed by anyone against us.


Undoubtedly, We stand together to show the world that every Pakistani is just as important as any US national and the Pakistani nation is totally awake and aware of its rights and duties and will not rest until justice is provided to the prisoner 650 case and perpetrators are put behind bars for good. We can’t let our generations to feel insecure about their own future and to continue kidnappings of our citizens by the FBI based on mere allegations.

“We will not let our fellow citizens being tried by the US judiciary in the US. We reject the legality to try a person in country X, when the person belongs to country Y! “

There was a struggle and sacrifice, discipline and tremendous courage in our glorious past both of Muslim history in general and Pakistani nation in particular and today, we need that courage. We need the courage to reiterate that we are the same one nation and together we stand together to the ideals as we stood before and in truth, it’s a tribute to the scores of brave men who laid down their lives for the future of Pakistan from BRB to Chawinda & Dawarka to Ambala and we all feel indebted to them.