Air crash, violence, corruption, target killings, Super flood, and what not …. The general sentiment prevailing among our youth nowadays is “What is POSITIVE about Pakistan ? Every day there is a bad news coming. We guess Pakistan is now really failed.”
Look into your hearts and remember when was the last time you failed miserably in some important stage in life… You and everyone related to you could just figure out you could not go ahead because you had FAILED… But as the time passed , you carried on and here you are still working, even progressing and have further future plans.

Recently Newsweek has called us as the BRAVEST nation of the World !!!

Now, the rest lies on us, the people of Pakistan… Its time to leave behind the losses and pain of this massive disaster of our history….and start REBUILDING…
We just cannot sit idle and hopeless at the bank of rivers watching the washed away fertile soils and lands and lost homes.. There are humans left who need our help and encouragement. A huge responsibility lies on the urban society, mostly unaffected by he floods, to come forward, raise hope for future among the flood affectees.
The HELP criteria may be advertised and publicized by the word of mouth, even in the areas known for any terrorist breeding or such culture. Especially very young boys can be motivated to help rebuilding their own towns, to disengage them from questionable activities.
Remember, this is a great lesson of unity, sacrifice and hope for us and we have no choice except to learn from it.
Lets change ourselves forever … and start from our homes cutting down our unnecessary expenditures, showing off wealth and luxuries, living a simple life and setting an example for our children… They are the ones who will reap the fruits of our efforts and then pass on the tradition to the next generations…
That is the way, PAKISTAN will always be a SUCCESSFUL state.. May Allah help and guide us. Amen