Special Branch Punjab, the leading provincial intelligence outfit, has generated a horrific report about an alleged plot prepared by some top federal figures to assassinate the Honorable Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, it is learnt.
Credible Punjab government sources confided to The News that the report has been immediately shared with the ISI to cross-check its credibility whereas the Punjab Police and counter terrorism department have been asked to immediately launch an operation against those identified in the report as “hired assassins”.
The Inspector General Punjab, according to the source, personally visited the Honorable Chief Justice and informed him of the alleged plot. Chief Minister Punjab, the source said, has directed the police to take all possible measures for the safety and security of the top judge of the province.
Three key federal authorities have been named in the report as the plotters however; this newspaper is not unveiling them because of the sensitivities involved and also for the reason that at this stage the disclosure of their names would be premature. The report also contains the names of the hired assassins but this information is being withheld by The News on the request of the source, who insisted that the disclosure of their names would make it hard for the provincial government to get hold of them.
The report titled “PLAN TO ELIMINATE A VALUE TARGET” was recently submitted to the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif as “Most Immediate” and “For the CM’s eyes only”. The source of this shocking information has been identified by the agency as “a dependable source”.
The three-page intelligence report gives all the necessary details about the plotters as well as the hired assassins. It has also identified a “special cell” created by the plotters to execute the assassination plan.
The plot envisages hiring of hardened criminals, who are likely to make a murderous attempt on the CJ LHC during his visit to ancestral house at Tape Road, backside of Veterinary Hospital Lahore, where he comes on the last Friday of every month and holds a Milad function from Asar to Maghrib. “Since a large number of people attend the Milad and the security measures on the occasion are not adequate, the criminals are expected to target the CJ LHC here,” the report warned.
The report revealed that a person, involved in judge’s murder case but acquitted recently and considered closely associated with a key federal figure, got released some of diehard criminals (all named in the report) and constituted a gang of criminals/hired murders. All the gang members have a long criminal history and background. The report also reflected on their hideouts.
The report also revealed that in an important official residence, a special cell is working on the formulation of another team of criminals (whose names are also included in the report). The criminals, identified in the report, are said to be regular visitors of the important official residence. These criminals are also said to be trying to get released some more criminals from jail.
A federal minister, who is amongst the alleged plotters, according to the report, views that CJ LHC is close to Mian brothers and considers him as an obstacle in furtherance of PPP’s objectives/designs in Punjab.
“By achieving the said high profile objective, PPP will gain the following: (i) Getting rid of CJ LHC Kh Muhammad Sharif; ii) Embarrassment to government of Punjab in judiciary; iii) Discredit the PML-N government in the eyes of public, media, lawyers etc; and iv) Pave way for enforcing Governor Rule in Punjab by propagating that the government has failed to check terrorism in an effective manner.
The report sought from the government to beef up the security measures of the CJ LHC besides putting a close watch on the activities of the aforementioned criminal elements.

Source: The News