Exactly a month after two brothers were lynched to death in Sialkot, a man was stoned to death in Gujrat today after his car collided with a motorbike.

Tariq, said to be a marble factory owner, was driving on Bhimbar Road in Gujrat ctiy, when his car collided with a motorbike.

The motorbike rider, Nadeem, with the help of some other accomplices broke the car’s windows and dragged Tariq out of the car. Tariq was later stoned to death by Nadeem and his accomplices.

ater, members of the deceased’s family placed the body on the Bhimbar Road and staged a protest.

This is one among growing instances of vigilante justice that has come to media attention after the lynching of two brothers in Sialkot.

Earlier few weeks back a servant of a landlord in Karachi was beaten to death.