Apple stores in Beijing and Shanghai as well as authorized retailers around the country began offering the Wi-Fi model of the touch screen device, millions of which have already been sold in the United States and a dozen other nations.
Hundreds queued up Friday for the first official iPads sold in China, the world's biggest Internet market, after months of grey-market action among avid buyers unwilling to wait for the Apple tablet.

Analysts predicted strong demand for the iPad despite a paucity of Chinese content and the country's huge illegal market for Apple products, which are slipped in from Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.
At the Apple's Beijing store, a customer Han Ziwen said that he had camped out for 60 hours to ensure he was first in line when the flagship outlet's doors opened at 8:00 am.
Apple has not said when the 3G-equipped versions will go on sale in China, which is home to at least 420 million Internet users.