Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had said those predicting about packing up of government should feel ashamed as government was not going .

Prime Minister said this while addressing a ceremony held under Chambers of commerce and industries at Expo centre Saturday.

He went on to say that prime minister was elected with consensus for the first time in the history of the country. Asif Zardari has been elected as president through elections. “We have to pursue the politics of reconciliation and have to bring stability in the country”, he added.

“The day Pervez Musharraf resigned from his office I announced in the parliament “ I pardon Musharraf”, he said adding “ we did not take any revenge. Nation and parliament have to take revenge. It is not my personal matter”, he held.

He went on to say that “we passed 18th amendment with consensus and transferred the powers to the provinces. We have restored the original constitution of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, he added.

As per constitution the first session of parliament will begin with the presidential address every year, he said adding Musharraf addressed the parliament in uniform once during the 9 years which was unconstitutional. But President Asif Zardari addressed the parliament 3 times during two years.

He went on to say that “parliament is my power and I have not wasted any session of parliament. This would come in the Guinness book of record. However only a few days would come in counting when I had not attended parliament, he underlined.

“When I became prime minister I was given period of 3 months then I was given extensions of 3-month and 6 months. Now two and a half years have been elapsed and I am still on extension. These people now should feel ashamed. Those talking like this play with the future of the country, he remarked.

He said “we have not come to power through back door. I had issued the orders for release of judges before taking oath. But this credit was not given to us. Then it was said prime minister reinstated the judges for fear of Long March. If I accept it then Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto had staged long march against Musharraf but the judges were not reinstated at that time. Had we been in power or not, the judiciary would never have been restored through long march. Therefore it should be accepted that we have reinstated the judges , he said.

Some friends from media say Gen Kayani has reinstated the judges. I ask them what we have done should be acknowledged.

Armed forces are our armed forces and not of US, he said adding it is we who have given extension in the service to Gen Kayani.

He held about 20 millions people had been affected by the floods. They had neither any food nor any home. All would have to come forward to help out flood affectees, he urged.

“We convinced those who boycotted elections but they did not agree. Now they are contesting by polls and are facing defeat because PPP is winning by polls, he underlined.

I am not a service man Either I remain prime minister or not, I am not afraid of it. But I fear that if the government which is taking all along with it is dissolved then who will unite the country, he underscored.

There is no political prisoner in our regime, he said adding all the four chief minister are supporting us at present. Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan are also supporting us. If some one hatches conspiracies it will be the conspiracies against the country. We have no fear. We have been elected by the people of Pakistan, he maintained.

Those talking of down fall of government should respect the mandate and not to mislead the people, he held.

Prime Minister said it would be his endeavor that no load shedding was observed in industries. There was problem of electricity. Some time is required for production of electricity. Only two and a half year have been elapsed after our coming into power but our accountability has been started.

But no one asked them who ruled the country for 9 years unconstitutionally, he observed.

Work was started on Diamir and Bhasha dam and Kalabagh dam fell victim to politics. We have not done so, he said.

We have united the whole nation against the terrorism and this way we have achieved major success, he held. “Our critics used to say that persons displaced from Swat would not be able to return to their homes even within 10 years. But people in such a large number returned to homes within 90 days in the first time of world history, he added.

Country needs stability at present, he said If there is stability in the country then help can be provided to the flood affectees in better way, he remarked.

“We have to serve the nation either we stay in the government or otherwise. We have nothing to do with the government. We respect judiciary, media and opposition. Judiciary is with us and we honor its verdicts. We will implement its decisions. No one should raise objection over it”, he held.

Source: Daily Mail News