After creaky stadiums, leaky pools and allegations of dodgy deals come complaints from visiting teams that the athletes’ village on the outskirts of the capital is filthy and “unfit for human habitation”. Apparently more than half of the 34 residential towers at the village are still far from complete; and a quarter of the rooms for one of the visiting teams are flooded.

Scotland, Wales and England have cast doubt on their participation at next month’s Commonwealth Games amid fears of poor facilities and safety in Delhi. Team Scotland and Jersey have delayed their departure to India because of problems with the athletes’ village. What has happened to the Games village comes as no surprise to most Indians. Delhi has a reputation for badly constructed, leaky buildings as developers collude with authorities to cut corners and compromise on quality. It is also possibly India’s most corrupt city. The current row comes as no surprise when you consider the fact that work on building the stadiums and most other infrastructure has gone down to the wire and become a shoddy race against time. All this while smug authorities told the people that all was well, and things would be fine. “It’s the Indian way of doing things, which the West doesn’t understand,” was a common refrain. Clearly, the “Indian way” hasn’t worked - and the Games are turning out to be India’s bonfire of vanities.

Wales have given organisers a Wednesday night deadline to confirm all venues are fit for purpose, while England say the situation is on a “knife-edge”.
The Games run from 3-14 October and athletes arrive in India this week. The build-up has been beset by problems. Several countries have complained about the accommodation, with some claiming it is “unfit for human habitation”, while safety fears were heightened after a section of false ceiling near the weightlifting area of the main stadium fell in on Wednesday.

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