Visibly disappointed from the PPP leadership, MNA Abdul Qayyum Jatoi who resigned from the federal defence production ministry on Saturday, is weighing options either to launch his own party for the Seraiki province or work abroad with some NGO, sources close to Mr Jatoi said on Sunday. Mr Jatoi’s cell phone was found powered off when he was contacted in Islamabad to get his version. His close aides in Islamabad said that Sardar Sahib had many options in hand and he would take a final decision after the PPP’s parliamentary committee meeting in Islamabad on Monday (today). They said the most likely option was that Mr Jatoi would launch a movement within the PPP for the Seraiki province. But if he succeeds in getting the support on a wider scale, then he will launch a full-fledged party for this purpose. Mr Jatoi had to tender resignation for his controversial remarks against Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and the army. According to his secretary Fida Husain, Mr Jatoi had twice offered resignations in the past because he was not satisfied with his ministry as all major decisions were taken by the army. During his stint as minister he could arrange only 16 lower-grade jobs in Wapda. In the last 10 years, Mr Jatoi has been in the headlines. In 2000, he lost district nazim election in Muzaffargarh with a close margin from PML-Q’s Sultan Mahmood Hinjra. In 2002 general elections, he was elected MNA from a PPP ticket. He was the only MNA from south Punjab who did not join the PPP (Patriots). In 2005, he again tried his luck for the Muzaffargarh district nazim and was elected by defeating PML-Q’s Abdullah Shah Bukhari (who is now in PML-N). In 2008 elections, his secretary said, Ms Benazir Bhutto had awarded a PPP ticket to Jamshed Dasti on Mr Jatoi’s request. In the same year, Qayyum Jatoi won MNA and MPA seats from Alipur. Two years ago, he had offered to quit politics and showed his interest in social work. In his area, Mr Jatoi is regarded as an honest person. However, he suffers from Attention Deficit Order and cannot concentrate on one thing for long and often forgets the topic only a few minutes after the discussion. PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti said Mr Jatoi would be warmly welcomed should he decides to take part in the movement for the Seraikistan province.