Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q)’s vocal parliamentarian Ms. Marvi Memon has said that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is an alleged Al Qaeda and CIA agent; till she is proven innocent in Pakistani courts, she can not be called the “Daughter of Pakistan” or a national hero, she maintained.

Marvi, talking to SAMAA TV on Tuesday, said that the reality about Dr. Aafia is being hidden and all political leaders and government representatives were trying to gain political mileage and applause from the people by expressing popular sentiments about her.

Marvi added that she and many others did not participate in the parliamentarians’ walk-out staged on Monday, so it can not be called a unanimous walk-out in favor of Dr. Aafia, Samaa reported. She continued to say that she has the courage to speak her heart out, while others who avoided the walkout are afraid of people’s anger and have chosen to remain silent.

Memon further added that apart from the US allegations, she has come to know through other sources that Dr. Aafia has been accused of being an agent of Al Qaeda and the CIA, the report said.

“She is also allegedly a US citizen and I want to know the reality; she must be brought back and put under trial within the country to expose the reality and the truth behind the allegations leveled against her,” she added.

“I demand that the real facts be brought in front of the nation. Real leaders only speak the truth and do not follow wrong sentiments of the masses. Those who are claiming to be well-wishers of Dr. Aafia are dared to solemnly say that they are really convinced of her innocence – or are they just following the popular mood of the masses of Pakistan,” she demanded.

“Earlier she was a citizen of Pakistan; she later acquired US citizenship. She must be brought back as she has broken Pakistani law. She must be probed within the country to expose the real truth. An alleged CIA and Al Qaeda agent can not be called a daughter of the nation or national hero until she is cleared of all the allegations. I can not share the truth told by the others as I personally want to be sure of it,” Marvi Memon commented.