The Pakistan Prime Minister, Mr Yousaf Raza Gilani, who was nearly shown the doors in the recent political crises, faced another embarrassment at the hands of the President, Mr Asif Ali Zardari, when he issued a “secret ordinance” which even Mr Gilani was not aware of.
The secret ordinance promulgated by President Zardari on September 16 exploded in both the Houses of Parliament on Friday, embarrassing the Prime Minister in the National Assembly, forcing an Opposition walkout from the Senate and splitting the ruling PPP.
Enraged members of both the Houses blamed the government for playing tricks with Parliament and Mr Gilani was caught unawares as he had no clue that such an ordinance had been sent to the President for promulgation under his signatures two weeks’ back.
He was confused and rattled by the unexpected manipulation by his law ministry and promised to rectify any wrong done.
Mr Gilani said under the law, the President had to consult leaders of the House and the Opposition for appointment of chairman NAB. Under the new ordinance, the law minister, Mr Babar Awan, will exercise the powers of NAB chairman.