This is regarding your editorial, “Uneasy Alliance” on the recent increase in US and NATO attacks inside Pakistan.

As you rightly mentioned, the Western forces do not have the UN mandate to intrude into Pakistan, whether by air or ground forces. In order to find one or two “terrorists” they are killing hundreds of civilian including women and children. When you lose direction you go mad and that is what is going on.

The casualty figure 20 quoted in the editorial for September is wrong because that figure refers to the drone attacks and in each attack the number of casualties are more than 20, which means that they have killed nearly 400 people. Maybe the UN and US do not consider them human beings.

The US is facing defeat in Afghanistan, so they are shifting the war into Pakistan on the pretext that they are being attacked from Pakistani territory and that is the reason they are not able to win the war in Afghanistan. They will fail as they have failed in Iraq and with this mad policy they are creating more enemies than friends.

The US should have the common sense to recognize that Afghanistan is for Afghans. Leave them to their destiny. Expanding an unwinnable war into Pakistan will have terrible consequences.

(The above appeared in the Letters to the Editor, Arab News)