The fake degrees episode has apparently engulfed Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s family also. According to reports, the graduation degree of Prime minister’s son, who is a MPA, is in the spotlight.
Published reports said the graduation degree of Abdul Qadir Gilani, is under scrutiny of the Punjab University.
The University is yet to decide whether the premier’s son holds a genuine degree or an invalid one, it has emerged.
A report by Ansar Abbasi in The News today cites sources claiming that Abdul Qadir Gilani has been issued a graduation degree by the Punjab University and it was only later discovered by the university authorities that the younger Gilani’s case was amongst those over a dozen students who had taken their BA/BSc exam in an examination hall that was never allotted to them.
The university sources said that answer sheets of these students were received in the paper lot belonging to some other examination hall. Such cases are dealt by the Unfair Means Committee of the university, which, the sources said, issued notices to these students, including the younger Gilani, but the premier’s son never appeared before the committee. A source said that three notices were sent to the premier’s son but he had never appeared before the committee.

Gilani, when contacted, denied to have done anything wrong. He said that the examination halls were changed in 2005 by the university management and there was nothing wrong done by him. He also categorically denied having received any notice from the Unfair Means Committee and insisted that the degree issued to him was genuine.
The sources said that while the Unfair Means Committee was doing its job, the university issued the degree to Abdul Qadir Gilani. This all reportedly happened before the premiership of Yousuf Raza Gilani and more than three years have already elapsed since the degree was issued to Abdul Qadir Gilani. Questions like how it happened and why did it happen, are yet to be probed and answered by the university administration.
Usually, in such cases, it is said that the degree is never issued till the time the student appears before the Unfair Means Committee and satisfies it that no wrongdoing has been done. Handwriting of such a candidate is also taken by the committee to match it with the answer sheets.
A senior official of the Punjab University, when approached, said that nothing could be said till the time the case of Abdul Qadir Gilani was presented before the scrutiny committee that was constituted by the university to verify the degrees of the MPs as part of the process initiated by the Higher Education Commission.
The official explained that the degree was issued to Gilani more than three years back and now the University has to consult its legal team to contemplate if such a degree can be re-looked into and ultimately cancelled after three years.
The university official, on condition of not being named, said that such cases of change of examination halls do occur, and decided by the university management on the recommendation of the Unfair Means Committee. The official assured that without any consideration of status or influence of the candidate, the scrutiny committee and the university management would decide the case on merit and in a fair manner. “We are not in a position to prematurely give any ruling about the status of the degree,” the official said.
Earlier, a question was raised about the O-level equivalency of the younger Gilani and it was suspected that he might not have cleared all the O-level exams but later it was discovered that he completed his O-levels and there was nothing illegal or wrong about that.