President Asif Ali Zardari said he is not afraid of jail mosquitoes, adding military dictators and political actors in uniform wronged the country in the past, which cannot withstand such happenings any more.

Zardari was addressing a public gathering after inaugurating development projects in his hometown Nawabshah in Sindh on Monday. (Watch video clipping below)

President Zardari said his party, Pakistan Peoples Party, suffered losses whenever the generals and their collaborators interfered in the country’s political affairs.

He said anti-government forces are looking at such chances, adding political actors are coming together but his government will complete its tenure. He added that there are some who give statements just to be in the headlines.

“There has been no justice with PPP in the past, not even fair and transparent elections, but the people of Pakistan always supported the party,” Zardari told the gathering.

Express Tribune adds: The president also said that the PPP is more than the government itself. He said the PPP is the will of the people and the only party that is spread all over Pakistan.