Former President Pervez Musharraf, in an interview with Indian TV channel Times Now, pointed finger at India for the simmering insurgency in Balochistan including providing full logistic support to the Baloch separatists.

In the interview, Musharraf said India was ‘aiding and abetting militancy in Balochistan.’

“We have evidence and proof that Baramdagh Bugti who carries out attacks is sitting in Kabul…he visits Delhi and is received by RAW.”

On Sunday, Musharraf told ABC News he favors agreements with moderate Taliban in the fight against Islamic militants allied with al-Qaeda, while rejecting the perception that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI was supporting the Taliban.

“After defeating the Taliban, after 9-11, I always was of the view we need to go in for deals,” Musharraf said in an interview broadcast on ABC’s “This Week” program today. “My strategy was always to strike a deal.”

The 67-year-old army general who now lives in London, said his position had been “vindicated now when everyone is talking of going into some political agreements with moderate Taliban”.

Musharraf was the first to give the idea of talking to the moderate Taliban when Colin Powell was incharge of the Afghanistan war during Bush era.

The former army chief told ABC he disagrees with U.S. criticism that Pakistan isn’t doing enough to fight terrorism and says the U.S. should understand the problems that have given rise to violence in the region and allow Pakistan to solve its own problems.

“Pakistan has always been accused of not doing enough,” Musharraf said. “I totally disagree with this statement, we are doing enough.”