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Thread: Terrorists attack ASF Academy in Karachi - Live Updates

  1. Terrorists attack ASF Academy in Karachi - Live Updates

    KARACHI: In another blatant attack in less than two days exposing ineffective security apparatus, terrorists have attacked Airport Security Force (ASF) academy today after targeting airport a day before, ARY News reported.
    Terrorists attacked the ASF camp from Pehlwan Goth area. Area is currently echoing with heavy gunfire amid retaliatory fire by ASF personnel. The academy is situated at Bitai Abad, area of Pehlwan Goth, which is next Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

    1:52 pm: Spokesman CAA Col. Tahir said two terrorists had arrived, who have now been fled. He says situation is under control now.
    1:45 pm: Rangers have arrested four suspects from Pehlwan Goth

    1:42 pm: CAA says airport has been opened for general public. All flights have also been resumed.
    1:35 pm: Rangers and security forces have begun search operation in Pehlwan Goth where terrorists are suspected to flee.
    1:33 pm: DG Rangers Sindh has phoned up Chaudhary Nisar and told him that no terrorist attack took place at the ASF Academy.
    1:29 pm: Confusion prevails as ASF sources establishes four to five attackers targeted their facility while DG Rangers and IG Sindh deny terrorist attack.
    1:23 pm: Red alert has been issued on Islamabad airport
    1:19 pm: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed closure of Jinnah International Airport.
    1:14 pm: Aerial surveillance has also been started by security forces of the spot.
    1:11 pm: Sources told that 8 to ten terrorists are inside the academy fighting against security forces.
    1:09 pm: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered action against the militants and control the situation.
    1:03 pm: Sources informed that terrorists are hiding inside the facility to retaliate against security forces.
    12:51 pm: ASF Acedemy has three gates and terrorists have attacked the facility from a ‘Lady Hostel’ gate.
    12:50 pm: ISPR, military’s public affairs, said army has been sent to the site to control the situation.
    12:45 pm: Security officials, police and Rangers have been called in to the site to combat the militants.
    12:41 pm: Initial reports suggest that couple of ASF personnel were also injured in the attack. Reportedly three terrorists have launched offensive against the security personnel at ASF Academy.
    12:40 pm: ASF team has taken its position and cordoned off the area to fight the militants. Terrorists are armed with suicide vests and heavy arms.
    12:22 pm: Terrorists armed with heavy arms and suicide vests attack ASF Academy.
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    Re: Terrorists attack ASF Academy in Karachi - Live Updates

    TTP‬ claims responsibility of latest ‪#‎ASF‬ Academy attack in ‪#‎Karachi‬.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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