In the Geo News programme 'Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath,' the host Kamran Khan has expressed surprise that after having failed to nab killers of thousands of people, the government had identified Indian agents in the country.
And it was Senior Minister in the Punjab cabinet Raja Riaz who had made the disclosure. He claimed that it was a conspiracy against democracy and also against the party that had been confronting the establishment, he said.
Kamran Khan, however, reminded that in Pakistan establishment means Army. And according to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani the government not only enjoyed best of relations with it but also had been moving ahead with it shoulder to shoulder.
Gilani had made these claims while addressing the nation the other day and during those moments he was accompanied at the dais by important members of the PPP.
Kamran Khan reminded that Raja Riaz, contrary to Gilani, claims from the floor of the Punjab Assembly that PPP had been confronting the establishment or the Army.
Raja Riaz's views with regard to Army are well known. On December 24, 2009 he had told the media that PPP had never succumbed to dictators or the Generals. It's difficult to digest as whether PPP had become anti-state or the Jang Group and Geo, Kamran Khan said. He said the Jang Group and Geo had been pin pointing as to who had plundered the national wealth and where it had taken place? Where merit had been flouted and where poor people are being killed just because of the incompetent government. He said it was a well-thought and well-conceived plan and Jang and Geo had fallen victim to it.
It had begun on November 25, 2009 when President Zardari while targeting the Jang and Geo had extended a challenge to them.
Kamran Khan said Jang and Geo had fallen victim to the wrath of the previous governments also. At that time Geo broadcasts were closed from Karachi to Dubai. He said there is no difference between the suppressive policies of Zardari and Gen Musharraf.
Tracing past history Kamran Khan recalled that even before Pervez Musharraf the high handedness had been the same. At times Jang and Geo were branded as Indian or American agents. But the fact remains, that we simply show mirror to the rulers and that is enough to irk them.
Kamran Khan said while accusing them, Raja Riaz had ignored remarks of his leader Benazir Bhutto who had praised the media while addressing the nation. She had demanded lifting of all curbs on the media. She had declared that Geo is the largest channel of the country. She had said that free press is their policy.
Kamran Khan lamented that today BB is not in this world and her party is not only trying to strangulate the channel but those running it are accused of being Indian agent.
He referred to PM's address to the nation a few days back wherein he had desired that his every word have to be taken for granted. But we had pointed out that the PM had not honored his own words. He has not honored his own announcements to appoint the NAB Chairman in consultation with the Opposition leader.
"The nation is now to determine as to who is the Indian agent? We or anybody else? The people themselves have to determine who had been helping the nation? Who is trying to save national wealth?" he said
Senior Journalist Hamid Mir while expressing his views in Geo News programme "Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath" said the PPP has forgotten the ideology of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed.
He recalled that Benazir Bhutto in her book had condemned the attack on Geo offices. He said Benazir Bhutto also described the role of journalists and Geo in restoration of democracy in Pakistan. However, he lamented that the PPP had even forgotten the book written by its slain leader.
Hamid Mir said he often search Pervez Musharraf and Saifur Rehman in the PPP because the allegations levelled against Geo and Jang are not new. He said same allegations were levelled against Jang and Geo in 1998 by Saifur Rehman after which same kind of inquiries were conducted and press conferences were held. He said in 2007 Musharraf's ministers also billed the group as agent of India and CIA.
He said in fact the PPP has waged a war against its leader Benazir Bhutto rather than against media or the judiciary. He recalled that Benazir Bhutto had declared in the Judges Colony that judges' restoration was her mission. "Nowadays whosoever supports the judges, becomes the enemy of the PPP," he said.
Hamid Mir said he attended a big function at a foreign embassy where the diplomats of all countries were present. He said all the diplomats were very much concerned about the situation in Pakistan and were of the view that the country had no internal or external threat but the government was the biggest enemy of itself. He said several diplomats are of the view that "This is a category 5 government".
Hamid Mir said many PPP leaders, who are fed up with the party leadership, are sending him messages and apologies that they are not involved in this mess.