The Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, due to his obsession for photo session, inaugurated a project twice while he also scolded the Chairman of National Highway Authority (NHA) for coming in front of the camera, Dunya News reported on Thursday.
Although officers ought to oblige the rulers yet sometimes this obligation becomes a source of humiliation for them. Such an incident occurred in Multan when an officer came in front of the camera unintentionally which compelled the prime minister to inaugurate the project twice. The officer was not an ordinary one; in fact he was the Chairman of NHA. The prime minister, who is famous for his impressive dressing and soft way of speech, has proved himself as Mr. Perfectionist. He is always seeking the apex of perfection whether it is an international affair or a local one.
The prime minister inaugurated the project of flyover at Chungi No. 9 in Multan but the Chairman NHA made him re-inaugurate the said project when the photographers insisted that due to the Chairman’s unwanted interruption, the PM’s snap got blurred or somewhat unclear. However once again the Chairman interrupted in a similar fashion which aroused PM’s anger and as a result the prime minister scolded the Chairman but refrained from inaugurating the flyover thrice.