#Highlights 7th Sehar Album of #PakistanRamazan by Dr @AamirLiaquat on #Express - 06 July 2014
07۔ رمضان المبارک 1435ھ ، بمطابق 06 جولایی 2014 ء، بروز اتوار
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The difference between the heart and mind was determined thoroughly through the odes of Qaseeda Burda Shareef translated aacurately by Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain. In 'Allah ke naam se shuro'
Qari Ibrahim Qasi in his most melodious voice recited the Holy Quran and the host explained the verses telling that the worst of sins is jealousy. Allthough, the complete transmission is very enlightening and aspires to educate people about Islam but some of the segments are a must watch, in which Allah ke naam se shuro is one of them.
After the colors of love through Naats were spread in 'Ishq ke Rung'. Qasas ul Anbiya taught the lesson of staying strong, truthfulness and loyality to Allah through the story of Hazrat Idrees (RA). The segment of 'Aalim On air' had the company of two reliable ullema's. Individuals from the audience asked various questions like the verdict of Islam on sketching, about Fasting, Kafara and a lot more. All queries were satisfied with logical answers. Rah-e-Naiki told the saddenning story of Shayan and his parents. The video showed the scarcity of the family and how everyday to manage to survive.
Despite the conditions, Shayad's parent just want him to go through an operation so he gets okay. This family would also be present live on the set in the iftar transmission so callera can help and donate them. After Live Azaan e Fajr, the most awaited Pakistan Ghar began giving the viewers many chances to laugh a loud. With every passing transmission Of Pakistan Ramazan it is transforming it self in to more new things, more education and more welfare. The program is creating harmomy and peace while spreading love.
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