#Highlights 6th Iftar Album of #PakistanRamazan by Dr @AamirLiaquat on #Express - 05 July 2014

#Highlights 6th Iftar Album of #PakistanRamazan by Dr @AamirLiaquat on #Express - 05 July 201406۔ رمضان المبارک 1435ھ ، بمطابق 05 جولایی 2014 ء، بروز ہفتہ
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After Qaseeda Burda Shareef, Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain called on stage those hardworking women who go house to house to earn for their family. Those women told their grieving story. A woman's husband beat her as he is in alcoholic. Another had 7 kids and to afford them the woman has to work. A number of such heart breaking stories were told by the women. Till the next 5 months, MSF will donate house expenses to these maids. Along with that, the host gave the maids eidi envelopes and eidi dress. Qasas-ul-Anbiya was the continution of the story of Hazrat Idrees (AS).
The kids in 'Ao kahani Sunein' chit chatted with the host and everyone laughed out loud listening to them. The kids also sang Dr Aamir liaquat Husain a birthday song as it was his birthday. The naughty ones dont let Dr Aamir tell them an islamic story, every time he started telling an event, one of the kids would do something naughty. In 'Pakistan se Ehad' the audience took the oath to promote education in pakistan whatever happens. Haseena, a girl from the missing kid corner who was introduced by the host to the viewers, was lucky enough to have her mother see her and call to have her back. Haseena's mother was called to the transmission. On seeing her mother, the girl ran and hugged her mother tight. Witnessing such a scene made everyone emotional.
In 'Ishaiya' the host cookes hari bhari chicken, while naat khuwans spread joy with every naat they recited. As usual Zair Zabar Paish was watched with interest as it is the segment which enlightens everyone. Dr Raghib Naeemi, Mufti Fazl-e-Subhan, Proffesor Younus Siddique and Allama Fayaz Muthari were present to answer the queries of aundience in Aalim On Air. Sherry and Aamir Liaquat with amazing cordination recited the Naat 'Madiney Ki Matti' in perfect pitches. After live Maghrib Azaan,
Pakistan Ghar opened its door to shower gifts on the audience. The segment brought enthusiasm around all. Bikes, gift hampers, mobiles, attires and alot more were given out. The transmission was longer than usual, therefore it gave more chance to the viewers to win! The 6th transmssion was a total hit.
The birthday of Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain was also celebrated Live on the set. From the beginning and as the time passed, with every hour more flower bouqets were seen on the center table. Fans, friends and loved ones sent the host beautiful flowers and numerous gifts to wish him birthday. The whole set was blooming with colorful flowers and their breathtaking scent. The team also wished him birthday as he cut the cake with his team members surrounding him, while sherry sang him a birthday wish. Dr Aamir Liaquat thanked all special ones who had been so thoughtful in sending these wishes
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