Traffic police ever ready how to do challan BUT never capable to control the traffic
I want to drawn attention toward Chief Minister, IG Police what reasons traffic police specially in Holy month of Ramzan doing long hours duty in order to control the traffic flow or own interest how to make more and more challan to earn first for themselves and partial for department to show how they are struggling, I want to say traffic police not struggling but make efforts for more income but parallel skipping from round about or where traffic jammed during ramzan.

I must say we all Pakistani are Muslims but always in hurry when traffic is jammed, people using wrong side, no entry, using foot path, to reach their destination but sorry due to traffic jammed everyone have to wait un-necessary more than routine time if they all follow the traffic rules and traffic police honestly perform duty than situation is totally different. We as Pakistani very happy to waste time in traffic jammed but feel shame to follow the traffic rules which is benefit for all.

I request to IG police do not appreciate those traffic police those doing more challan but the scale to determine how police office honesty or dis-honestly perform duty making surprise visit and realized if they are controlling traffic than these police officials deserve appreciation but they are not available on duty place but occupy own places where they can easily catch the rider or car or mini bus for challan than they are not performing duty but doing OWN business how to make more and more challan so they earn first to eat well in Ramzan and dress well to wear in Eid but their way of method is totally harram / ill legal.

I request to Chief Minister or IG traffic police send a few own department relatives or friends and asked they to ride in front of these traffic police officials those who are hungry for making challan, after doing their challan but before they greedy and selfish police official barging all laws knows how to make challan but not remember a single law how to control the traffic these police office are suppose to be shameless and worst than animal, department should get rid of it, but the question if any department from top to bottom all are corrupt how many sack of dis-honest traffic police will help department to run and control traffic very well.

What secret all seasons traffic signal remain dormant than how many expenses occurred for repairs by the department, which is totally mis-using funds, I never say traffic signal works but since the install day one they are remain off or dormant why not department taking measure to control and improve the traffic flow system.

Our traffic flow system if WEST or from FAR EAST experts see they will ask why international law in Pakistan traffic flow system introduce in which secret is traffic police not capable to catch all violators’ but punishment for those who caught the riders? This is considering any law or joke of traffic rules not flowing first and not performing duty honestly.

See these area normal days traffic jammed but in holy month of Ramzan traffic often jammed and many suffers ( Burns Road, Saddar, Club Road Hotel Metropole, M.A.Jinnah Road Tibet Centre, I.I.Chundrigar Road) Why not FPCCI, KCCI and SITE trade bodies come forward and work with Govt how to improve the traffic flow system in Karachi.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )