In a letter to Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Saudi Prince Bandar bin Khalid has alleged that the Pakistani government rejected the most economical Saudi offer pertaining to the accommodation of Pakistani hajis.

Taking a suo motu notice on the letter, the apex court has directed the ministry of religious affairs to file a reply in this regard within 15 days.

Prince Bandar, in his letter, complained that although his company had offered to provide residential facilities to Pakistani hajis on very economical rates, the Pakistani government decided on a less economical option.

According to the PPI news agency, the letter said that the ministry rented residences for pilgrims during Hajj for 3,400 to 3, 600 Saudi riyals while the prices were actually around 1,500 riyals, adding that the Prince had offered lower rates to the ministry but his quotation was rejected.

According to reports, the letter said the proposed accommodation facility had the capacity to host up to 35,000 hajis and was situated just two kilometres away from Haram.

The letter further stated that it appears that the religious affairs ministry is involved in some kind of embezzlement which should be investigated.

However, speaking to DawnNews, Secretary Religious Affairs said the letter was fabricated.