Pakistan Ramazan, the most watched transmission of media history shook the fame barriers vigorously only due to its exclusivity. The incomparable transmission had the attributes that no other Ramazan transmission could certainly reach. One of the greatest wins of Pakistan Ramazan, even before it began was the high self esteem of the host, Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain, regarding the subject matter he had chosen for this year’s Ramazan i.e Pakistan.

Surely, Pakistan can never be anything less. It is meant to shine and stay above all. The idea, concept and the brainstorming behind this transmission was for the country, and from the country. It was to support Pakistan and awaken the sleeping souls to bring back jingoistic spirit in the nation. Besides, the grand concept, ‘Pakistan Ramazan’ is the most exclusive transmission in Pakistan media history because just one host restlessly did a 19 hour long marathon each day. While, on other channels even 2 and in some cases even 3 hosts could not pull out a transmission as smooth as Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain.

The transmission lit knowledge in the minds of the viewers throughout its segments. It passionately discussed Islamic events and important dates that happened during Ramazan. Ever Islamic significance was exclusively shared with the viewers.
‘Pakistan Ramazan’ did not deliver poor content at any point of the transmission. Keeping eye on meticulous details and always assuring that the discipline and respect of Ramazan not be bypassed in anyway throughout the month. The host and the team responsibly worked day and night to present excellence and to make Pakistan’s name resound in the globe for peace and positivity.

The transmission appreciated minorities giving the correct message of Islam to the world that this religion respects all other religions and does not differentiate among humans. Another exclusivity of the transmission was the heart throbbing set, a set design that no eye had ever seen or heard of – a complete jungle, a beautiful wild jungle that behind its ambiance hid a concept to lighten up Pakistani’s.

During the last Ashra, as the transmission went in its final week, the holy nights became the life of the set. Dr Aamir Liaquat in his most profound words prayed for humanity, for the country, for the army, and for everyone in pain. His prayer during these special night transmissions touched the hearts and souls so effectively that it was impossible for one to hold back their tears.

Pakistan Ghar, in Pakistan Ramazan showed it exclusivity as it endorsed family entertainment on a lighter note. Without crossing boundaries of the holy month, it brought smiles and laughter to the people. It set new trends of giving gifts generously! Pakistan Ramazan led out the biggest lucky draw every day giving gifts worth of lacs!


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دنیا کی سب سے بڑی براہ راست نشریات ’’پاکستان رمضان‘‘ سے ہر لمحہ باخبر رہنے کے لیے فالو کیجیے