Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Umar Khan Ali Sherzai has said if the tour operators are asked to take oath on the Holy Quran, they will tell about those who drew commission of Rs20,000 to Rs25,000 per Haji in Pakistan.
Talking on telephone from Riyadh, he held the minister for religious affairs responsible for the poor arrangements made for Pakistan’s Haj pilgrims this year. He said the Pakistani Hujaj could not get transport and tents in Mina due to the poor policies of Hamid Saeed Kazmi.
Umer Sherzai called for setting up a high-level judicial commission, comprising Supreme Court judges, so that those responsible for difficulties faced by the Hujaj could be taken to the task. Ali Sherzai said he was sure that those responsible for the poor Haj arrangements at the holy land would be discredited in this world.
About his own services for Pakistan’s Haj pilgrims, he said: “The minister tried his level best to keep me away from each and every arrangement. However, after observing pathetic conditions of Pakistani pilgrims, I went to the office of Muasasa South Asia chairman Adnan, accompanied by Haj Director Sultan Shah and Farogh Zaidi, to request him to provide some relief to the Pakistani Hujaj,” he added.

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