Top bureaucrats have emerged as the main beneficiaries of plot allotments since the days of General Musharraf. Dozens of lucky bureaucrats even managed to get two plots of 500 square yards (sq yds) each in the pricey sectors of Islamabad – quite in the same way as 14 Supreme Court (SC) judges.

The latter category of beneficiaries received their plots in the up-market I-8, G-13 and G-14 sectors of the federal capital after framing a questionable policy tailor-made to suit them as well as their powerful collaborators in the judiciary.

According to documents available with The Express Tribune, a total of about 7,000 plots were allotted, in category one to four, to officers and officials of different grades and categories since 2002 in two sectors of Islamabad.

As many as 800 top bureaucrats, including federal secretaries and ambassadors (BPS-20 to 22), got a one kanal (600 sq yds) plot each in the G-13 and G-14 sectors of Islamabad, out of the 7,000 plots allotted since Musharraf came to power.

Former Supreme Court chief justice Irshad Hassan Khan, who had endorsed Musharraf’s coup of October 12, 1999, is among the beneficiaries. Justice Hassan was given a plot after he retired from the apex court and was made Election Commissioner of Pakistan. His secretary Kunwar Dilshad also received a one kanal plot.

Former Governor State Bank of Pakistan Muhammad Yaqoob also got a one kanal plot from General Musharraf in 2002 in Islamabad.

The list of plot allotments reveals that the top bureaucracy (BPS-22) and the higher judiciary are the only two influential classes to get two plots in Islamabad in the name of “official policy”, crafted and endorsed by the beneficiaries themselves. The rest have to give an affidavit in writing that they did not have any plot in Islamabad before applying.

The Express Tribune has already published two lists of 100 judges allotted plots in Islamabad since 1996.

A total of 172 journalists were also allotted plots in keeping with government policy in G-13 and G-14. The policy stipulated that only those journalists who did not have a house in Islamabad nor had a plot allotted to them in the past could apply.

Of the 650 journalists who applied in 2004 for G-14, only 172 could get plots after due process.

Meanwhile, as a list of 172 journalists is lying before the PAC, a new one of 35 journalists has surfaced. These journalists were also given plots in G-8 Markaz in 1996 during Benazir Bhutto’s second term.

Some of the prominent journalists allotted plots for construction of flats in G-8 Markaz were Ayaz Amir, Hamid Mir, Aroosa Alam, Ehtashamul Haq, Nusrat Javed, Ishaq Chaudhary, and Nasir Malick. Mir, Haq and Alam have already sold their flats at a premium, after paying approximately Rs800,000 to the government.

Many journalists had then applied for a second plot in G-13 and G-14. Some succeeded in getting them despite receiving a plot from the Bhutto government in 1996 as well.

For a complete list of beneficiaries from the bureaucracy and to read earlier stories on the allotment issue, click here.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 24th, 2010.

The following is the list of top BPS-20 to 22 officers who were given category one plots in Islamabad:

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