Courting controversy in the Bigg Boss house may have helped Veena Malik grab eyeballs and the show rake in TRPs, but the newest accusations against the Pakistani actress could land her in trouble.

In a counter-allegation, Delhi-based cricket photographer Dheeraj Dikshit, who had been accused of being involved in spot-fixing by Malik, has claimed that the reality TV contestant is a bookmaker. Dikshit says he has written to the Ministry of External Affairs, demanding the cancellation of Malik's visa.

"It was in the month of January that I got a call from Veena Malik. I was in Dhaka at the time. I have never met her but she was trying to be very friendly. Before calling me she tried to get in touch with me by calling at the Delhi number which my wife answered. She made several calls asking for me, so my wife gave her my Dhaka number. Although I was talking to her for the first time, she started flirting with me as she is doing now with her co-contestants on Bigg Boss," Dikshit told MiD DAY.

Dikshit accepts he was close to pace bowler Mohammed Asif, Malik's ex-boyfriend, professionally, as he was with other Pakistani and Indian cricketers. But he never spoke to him about fixing. "Veena Malik knew I was good friends with Asif and I have a good reputation among the who's who of the fraternity.

She claimed to manage seven Pakistani cricketers and said she could strike a deal for fixing matches with their help. She did not name the players but told me that if I so wished, we could do a big deal. In January she told me the results of Pakistan's upcoming series with Australia, Sri Lanka and England in August. Her predictions came out true. She told me Pakistan was already on a tour and all the matches had been fixed there," said Dixit.

Dikshit says he was curious to see her confidence and so he tried to trace their modus operandi. "While talking to me she was saying someone called 'Maz' was a friend of hers and he knew everyone. It was a while later that I realised that 'Maz' is Mazhar Majeed. He used to get endorsement deal for the players from some unknown companies which was actually the fixing amount under another name," he alleged.

Veena Malik had earlier claimed that she had the details of the SMSes between Dikshit and Asif. Dixit showed MiD DAY the content of the 16 test messages he had sent to the Pakistani pacer. "I had sent 16 SMSes; eight each on his two mobile numbers. All the SMSes were in professional context," he said.

Dikshit is back in India and is consulting his lawyers about to suing Veena Malik. But he realizes that she being a Pakistani national and with no treaty between New Delhi and Islamabad, he is going down a tricky path. "I cannot sue her from India, so I may file a case against her from London. After tainting my image and using the fixing controversy, Veena has made an entry in Bigg Boss against which I have filed a police complaint in Mumbai and have also written to the external affairs ministry to cancel her visa," said Dixit.

Dikshit also claims that Veena has high level contacts. He allegedly received threat calls from an unknown number while he was in London because of which he had to hire private security guards. Even in India, he claims, his family had been receiving calls from Pakistan and Kashmir, threatening to kill him, on his mobile number 9818935596, which he had to discontinue. The entire controversy has also hit Dikshit professionally. "I am getting support messages from everyone but the scandal has affected me. I am feeling uncomfortable coming back to the field as my name has been tarnished. All the people associated with the controversy are being questioned by investigating agencies but there is no complaint against me and no one has come to interrogate me about the matter," Dikshit said.

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