Excel 2010's new PivotTable filters, slicers, can give your worksheet a dashboard-like feel. While your slicers have their own tab on the Ribbon that lets you control a great deal about how they look and operate, you might have noticed something missing. There's no group for adjusting a slicer's font settings.

Fortunately, you can change a slicer's font attributes, but you have to use a bit of a workaround.
You need to create a new style for your slicer. Here's how.

To change a slicer's font:

Select your slicer and go to its Slicer Tools Options tab.
Right-click on the currently selected slicer style in the Slicer Styles group and choose Duplicate from the shortcut menu. (You cannot modify Excel's built-in styles so duplicating it is creating a custom style that you can change.)
In the Modify Slicer Quick Style dialog box, enter a name for the custom style in the Name text box. We called our style Custom Slicer Style.
Select Whole Slicer in the list box and click the Format button. The Format
Slicer Element dialog box displays.
Click on the Font tab, if needed, and then adjust your font attributes.
Click OK twice to dismiss both dialog boxes. Your slicer should display its new font settings.
If you want to apply the new font to other slicers, simply apply your custom style to them by selecting it from the Slicer Styles group.
Note that if you want to use the custom style as the default slicer style, select the Set As Default Slicer Quick Style For This Document check box in the Modify Quick Slicer Style dialog box. All future slicers will automatically have your custom style applied.