In a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refers to India as �a self-appointed front-runner for a permanent UN security council seat.� In a telegram sent on July 31 last year to 33 US embassies, Secretary Clinton highlights the reform of the UN Security Council as one of the key issues of focus for her diplomats, citing �International deliberations regarding UNSC expansion among key groups of countries: self-appointed front-runners for permanent UNSC membership Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan,� Secretary Clinton then goes on to solicit �Biographical and biometric information on key NAM/G-77/OIC permanent representatives, particularly India, China.� There are only brief mentions of India in the 243 documents released by WikiLeaks so far. In one, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain inquires from US interlocutors about the extent of India�s involvement in Afghanistan and notes that Bahrain sees India as very positive force in the region. �It�s a new era,� he says. �They can be of great help.�
By: Dawn News