Common IDENTITY of greedy cum selfish Traders
I want to share my limited knowledge among all human beings specially those who belong to [COLOR=#67B045 !important]business community[/COLOR] ( traders ) if any [COLOR=#67B045 !important]evil[/COLOR] identity from below find in [COLOR=#67B045 !important]your business[/COLOR] practice than you should be consider as GREEDY cum SELFISH traders no matter you belong from Muslim or Non-Muslim believers make no difference.

1. Giving lesser quantity in weight
2. Giving inferior [COLOR=#67B045 !important]quality product

3. Do [COLOR=#67B045 !important]black marketing[/COLOR] & [COLOR=#67B045 !important]stocking[/COLOR] for future big profits
4. Getting abnormal profits
5. Mixi[/COLOR]ng products

I must say if any Muslim traders doing such type of evil activities than he is not honest followers of Muslim [COLOR=#67B045 !important]religion[/COLOR] and faithful but worst than animal his own act which is too shameful and regret too.

In Pakistan usually before holy month of Ramzan coming all products items suddenly increased which is common but surprise no Government authority taking any action how to control the abnormal prices increase to giving benefit the [COLOR=#67B045 !important]consumers[/COLOR] and punish the greedy cum traders.

Pakistan is the heaven for greedy cum selfish business community where no price [COLOR=#67B045 !important]control system[/COLOR] monitor by Government and traders usually charging price accordingly to their wishes to earn more profits in which specially middle class and [COLOR=#67B045 !important]salaried[/COLOR] group hardly suffering but no one is interest to care of this low income group in entire Pakistan.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )