Chief Justice of Pakistan has ordered the Rental Power Plants companies (RPP) to return all the money till tomorrow at the start of the new Islamic year or otherwise the apex court would decide at its own, Dunya News reported on Tuesday.
A three-member bench, headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan , heard the case of corruption in Gudu Rental Power Plant. Chief Justice of Pakistan inquired as to how has the money been given on the same machinery; first to Gudu Power Plant and then to Nodero Power Plant. The Chief Justice said that if it gets proved that the same company is involved in both the power plants, criminal proceedings would be initiated against it.
Lawyer of Pakistan Power Rental Dr. Pervaiz told the court that the agreement has been canceled after which 400.59 million rupees have yet been returned while the remaining 300 rupees would be returned by 11th December this year.
Lawyer of Walter Power Rental Shahid Hamid told the court that the investment had no malicious designs anf if the agreement is declared null and void or doubtful, it would mar the image of the country. Responding to this the Chief Justice said that whatever is being seen on Wikileaks has already marred the image of the country. The cHief Justice alos directed all the companies to return the remaining amount by tomorrow.