I am beginning to think that the entire Wiki-leaks premise is a fabrication. It seems that this venue can be used for airing ideas that promote the agenda of the various powerful political powers. Wikileaks could not be able to leak out such information without prior knowledge or consent of USA. The verbal fight between USA and Wikileaks seems to be cosmetic and artistically deceiving the countries affected by these leaks. It is worth seeing that the prime beneficiary of these leaks is United States because one thing is clearly established in the minds of the people of the nations under discussion that how penetrating and how dangerous the US Intelligence system is and how naked the actions and conversation of the Governments ruling in those countries have become in the present situation. The timing of the release of these documents may be intended to capture news cycle headlines in the most spectacular possible manner, while embarrassing U.S. and, Afghanistan and Pakistani officials as well. Every effected nation of these revelations must understand that US has adopted the policy of hurting itself first to deceive others from its own attempt to inflict compound diplomatic and political losses to the other countries. Publishing secret information by the US is decided only after weighing the risks and and keeping in view its own interest. It’s very strange such a huge cache of information can be leaked to the media so conveniently.

Time-frame of the these leaks was between 2004-2009 before the whole Pak Afghan Policy was laid down by the new administration in the White House and prior to the US-PAK Strategic dialogues in which Gen. Ashfaq Parvaiz Keyani himself gave out a long presentation winning many admirers within the US administration. I wonder exactly what we might find from the leaked documents that would really ‘surprise’ any Pakistani leader, or Pakistani journalist, or any Pakistani for that matter? How can this be a fresh and news story in Pakistan’s perspective- based on a ‘leak’? Things are the same which are already in the knowledge of everyone. It’s well known that the USA supported Pakistan in setting up Taleban to fight the Soviet Union. Pakistan had already, and still have, great interests in meddling in Afghan affairs. In spite of clearly reflecting “mistrust” it is written on wall that without each other both the “allies” US and Pakistan can not win this war and where the Pakistani Military needs the United States has to realize Pakistan has legitimate concerns in Afghanistan and should not have allowed such embarrassing leaks, although there is nothing new in that. Anyhow these are no more than pressure tactics. The Soviet Union during cold war managed to infiltrate the US government many times by adopting such tactics.

Wikileaks first published those “pentagon papers” on the Iraq and Afghanistan war, the reactions from mainstream media and governments were enormous in volumes and indignation. Then another leak was released by Wikileaks; Iran supplying new forms of suicide vests for al-Qaida. Another big revelation was “Pakistan’s spy agency collaborated with the Talibans” What is this trash? These facts reported by Wikileaks sound like those typical daily field intelligence reports produced in the order of the thousands. There are surely entities within US government that are allowing Wikileaks to continue and still we should expect more for the same.

Corruption in Afghanistan, dealings with Iran and pressure from Saudi Arabia for military action and much more damaging details are coming out. The creation of deep mistrust between Iran and Saudi Arabia would also see its peak when Wikileaks revealed the dangerous intentions of Saudi King towards Iran. The leaks though interesting but but on international scene would soon turn into an instrument that can trigger the Third World War suddenly or may be very soon! The remarks or intentions of Saudi King towards Iran can also be seen as a surgical attempt to shift the blame of any future attack on Iran from the shoulders of Israel. This is a very well planned move from the part of America and the Wikileaks that will pay them a long and valuable benefit in playing the game of diplomacy in the Gulf Region. The collapse of relationship between Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran would be fast and painful if the reports or leaks provided by Wikileaks would be taken negatively and motive behind these leaks are not anticipated properly.

One thing is quite clear that after these leaks, the relationship between many Muslim countries would face a worst period of roll back. Another very important thing to note is that these leaks have very mild and less disturbing revelations against Israel. It is beyond understanding that why the leaks have less igniting revelations or leaks against the problem state of the Middle East? It can be sensed very easily that these leaks are released or orchestrated keeping in view to the fact that sentiments of Israel or the Zionists may not be hurt. Fact remains there that US game of death Muslim vs. Muslims is running and going on as a policy.

Everybody knows it is not a fight of any nation it is the fight started against Muslims by the pronouncement of crusade by Bush and his accomplices engulfing all religions on the advice of the only self proclaimed terrorist nation of the world. Now the fact must be faced and said boldly. It is fault of our leaders that we allowed these criminals like Bush to do what he did. The present move through Wikileaks is a continuation of Bush policies. The release of these documents for Pakistan will do nothing other than to further undermine our already declining standing in the eyes of international community. However it is a serious attempt to create gross misunderstandings and diplomatic crisis between the Islamic countries; the dangerous dent inflicted to the relations between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan being the worst part. We must accept, the popularity of our President is extremely worse at home, but recent developments including the embezzlements and peaked corruption with Hajj Pilgrims by Pakistani authorities further fueled and outraged the Saudi high ups. Since President Zardari took Control, things have taken for the worse in Pakistan. Pakistan has to change positively. With so many foreign influences in Pakistan, it has to be strong enough to handle all the foreign and internal influences and it easily can with determined will. Other wise there is no Future for Pakistan. The King may have rightly said about President Zardari, but the question is, after this leak shall the sitting ruling party would be able to rely on this tested friend? Our President has a slippery skin and nothing hurts him or creates any spark in his heart that will motivate him of improving his image, but the impact of the horrendous remarks of the Saudi King can dissipate the existing warm relationship between these most important countries of the Muslim world.

To achieve their personal objectives the Pakistani leaders have really given free hand to the Americans who have never supported our cause or the Kashmir issue. Instead, they have always betrayed us. What is the use of Embassy extension in a country like Pakistan? Apparently they envisage taking Pakistan as a mini colony or American state where they are allowed to move and act freely. What are we doing? Now, after Afghanistan, they would create situation like Iraq or Afghanistan in our country to settle old scores. We, the Pakistanis, should wake up, stop the construction of this new Embassy and grab back the land extended to the Americans which otherwise is against the constitution and the sovereignty of the country. Our leaders are if doing wrongful acts while in power then they should have to admit and confess their demerits and committed mistakes before the nation and should have to create the atmosphere of self-accountability first by showing sincerity and honesty with the nation and especially with beloved Pakistan instead of condemning and refusing or denying the true facts about them. And as far as Wikileaks’ reports about Pakistani leaders are concerned then all the reports are not wrong and false about Pakistani leaders and it may be possible that some reports are wrongful and false. If our leaders are doing wrongful and definitely all the leaders are not doing much the best with the nation and especially with beloved Pakistan they should have to learn the lesson from these reports and remove their committed mistakes themselves by removing and uprooting corruption from all the departments of Pakistan so that no one could target them or any departments of Pakistan in the future in negative sense or in regard of corruption. They should realize that they have put the future of the country at stake. There are no two opinions that US in fact is trying to commandeer the Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent and making our professional army controversial, which they see as its only real defense against India. Pakistan knows the Americans and the Zionists designs to dismantle Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities which are completely unjust because the Indians and Israel’s nuclear arsenal are acknowledged as legitimate but Pakistan’s not. Pakistan needs less foreign interference, not more. But on current trends the opposite is happening. The clear danger, highlighted by the leaked cables, is that the USA’s unwinnable war in Afghanistan is spilling over into its weak, ill-led and much put-upon neighbor – and that Pakistan, too, could become a war zone if our leaders remained senseless as ever.