As the Punjab government remained on tenterhooks Wednesday about Governor Salmaan Taseer’s whereabouts, his alleged mysterious disappearance from the country apparently without any intimation to the Presidency and the provincial government, has raised many questions about the conduct of constitutional head of the province.
It is interesting to note that this ‘crisis-like’ situation was the first in the country’s ‘recorded history’.
The Punjab government has reliable information that the governor remained in Dubai for three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening) to attend a wedding ceremony. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah told TheNation that they had confirmed reports from all intelligence agencies of the country that Salmaan Taseer was in Dubai for over two days and was scheduled to come back on Wednesday night.
The governor, on the other hand, claimed that he was in Pakistan. “I am in Pakistan,” Taseer told TheNation without disclosing the exact location from where he was speaking when this scribe contacted him on his cell phone at 7pm. In a brief conversation, Taseer called Punjab law minister a ‘joker’ and said he did not consider it worthwhile to respond to what he called his ‘absurdities’.