Muslim faithful buying sacrifice animal for what desire?
I want to drawn attention of all Muslim faithful regarding when they buying sacrifice animal for EID UL AZA than what intention or desire in his mind.

1. Getting God reward and satisfaction
2. Publicity & Display in our family or area
3. Doing all things to let down other as we are more rich and stronger
4. Eating meat own self instead of distribute among needy person

Remember one things when a faithful sacrifice any animal never the meat, skin or value reach to God only your wish or intention why you doing sacrifice animal for getting God affection and reward is the goal or achievement when a Muslim faithful doing such way sacrificing animal and all other evil ways in which showing own status, proudness or superiority totally hated in God place if any buying scarf ice animal spending handsome money which is totally waste of money and energy too.

Kindly get rid of evil in mind for doing sacrifice animal otherwise no reward you expect from God.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )