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Thread: The message of the Quran

  1. The message of the Quran

    Have mankind understood the message of the quran properly?

    People in the main are uneducated therefore are very limited in their thinking. That results in false interpretations of divine message because people are not used to organised or purposeful thinking that leads to sure results. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant because that is natural state of human existence but man is created with ability to learn so remaining ignorant is a crime against God and humanity. That is because an ignorant person is no use for himself or anyone else. Knowledge is power and if one does not have this power then one is powerless to do anything.

    Courage comes from knowledge and ignorance only breeds fear. It is through fear of the unknown man has taken forces of nature and other powerful things as his gods. However it is all a process of growing up. Man is born a baby and grows biologically, psychologically and sociologically. From the day God brought things to existence all has been evolving and has reached the stage that we observe today. It was a very long journey and it will remain a very, very long journey till we reach the stage that God has chosen for us to reach. A human being though begins as a single cell the potential placed within this cell is so great that man has yet to realise it for so many generations to come. It is like a huge tree that grows from a tiny seed bit by bit.

    The quran has nothing to do with religion, blind faith and mullahism. It is a book which deals with all necessary information that humanity will ever need for its guidance. The quran is the only book in the world of its kind as a proof of divinity and its program. A book that is a divine manifesto, a divine constitution and a divine book of guidelines for making laws or legislation. In order to know all this from the quran itself one has to educate oneself to the level whereby the quran begins to make sense. After all no book is written without any purpose in mind of its author nor anyone does anything aimlessly. Anything that just happens without any intent and effort is taken as a mistake not a motivated act to some end. Even if someone kills someone by his mistake it is still a mistake and not a first degree murder.
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