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Thread: Sony marks PlayStation’s birthday with Original Grey

  1. Sony marks PlayStation’s birthday with Original Grey

    TOKYO: Its 20 years since the small, grey original PlayStation emerges into the world, Sony apparently launches a PS4 that looks like the original console.
    It will sell 12,300 of the honoring machines, colored in ‘Original Grey’, a symbolic number related to the original PlayStation’s release date which they will be sold for $499 in North America, €499 in Europe and 49,980 Yen (excluding tax) in Japan.
    The package will come in a special white retro box, and can be bought from next week.
    The machine features detailing based on the first controller. It will come with PS4 controllers styled to look like the ones that came with the original console, too, and a camera in the same colors.
    The console was launched as part of Sony’s festivities to mark 20 years of the PlayStation. The machine was released in Japan on December 3, 1994, before coming to North America and Europe about nine months later.
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