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Thread: Director Yousfani in Islamabad to discuss WeBOC modules

  1. Director Yousfani in Islamabad to discuss WeBOC modules

    KARACHI: In less than a week the Director Directorate of Reforms and Automation Abdul Majid Yousfani rushed for Islamabad on Monday to discuss important issues with the Director General R&A, informed sources told Customs Today.
    The Directorate R&A has been busy developing the remaining WeBOC modules by this year which would be coming to end after 23 days. Of the 65 modules around 49 modules have already be developed while the developing works on the remaining modules are in various phases.
    One of the most cherished work, the development of a track and trace App for the Apple IPhone users is in the testing phase and the Directorate R&A has plan to launch with a fanfare at a ceremony to be attended by the representatives of the trade and industry and the clearing agents shortly.
    It may be mentioned that Director Yousfani also rushed to Islamabad last week for a day to discuss development and other issues.
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