Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan Monday urging people to come out on streets as call for change was knocking at their doors, Geo News reported. Addressing a public meeting outside Data Darbar, Imran Khan said the youth want to see the country as Quad-e-Azam�s Pakistan. �Come out on streets if you want to get justice and secure your rights,� he emphatically urged the people. He said the case of Raymond Davis should be decided in Pakistani courts and that the American national should prove his innocence within the territorial boundaries of this country. The TI Chief said that Islamabad and Raiwind had only been pretending to be in a fight with each other. �Their fighting is only a fa�ade, actually they are just like brothers,� he added. He said Pakistan could become a great nation, if corruption was eliminated from the country.
By: The News