MUMBAI: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has said that if he gets a chance to become sports minister, he would certainly become one. Akshay would be seen as a cricketer in 'Patiala House'. Meanwhile he is also producing a film based on ice hockey - 'Break Away'. An avid follower of sports, Akshay has always propagated it's relevance in the walk of life and in the past has also hosted a couple of Karate tournaments himself. �I am really interested to give my contribution in sports as I have personal love towards it. So if any day I get the chance to become any minister I would love to be associated with sports. In fact, I am making a movie on sports - 'Break Away',� said Akshay Kumar in a recent TV interview. When asked if he would love to pick up sports ministry itself, the actor said, �Yes, why not, If I get a chance to do that, I will definitely become the sports minister.� Well, now this would be one modern day 'netaji' that could well make a difference to the world of sports.
By: The News