The US officials believe that security being provided to Raymond Davis, the CIA contractor in Pakistani custody for shooting two men, is completely at stake.

According to US TV channel ABC News, US officials believe that Raymond Davis is in serious danger, even from the guards at the prison where he is now being held. The US officials think that there is immense rage and anger among people of Pakistan against Raymond Davis. The Pakistani government is under significant public pressure to prosecute him and the incident has set off massive anti-American protests and calls for Davis to be executed for the murders.

According to the US administration officials, it is feared that the Pakistani government lacks sufficient control over Pakistani municipal police, who have Davis in custody. The jail where Raymond Davis has been kept has 4,000 prisoners, many of whom are militants, and as many as three prisoners have been murdered by guards. Raymond Davis is currently being held in a separate part of the jail for his safety, and his guards have had their guns taken away. His food is being tasted first by dogs to make sure it is not poisoned. The US officials also say that Pakistani officials are also suspicious about security of Raymond Davis.

Dunya News