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Thread: Show time begins in Punjab ....

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    Show time begins in Punjab ....

    Is PPPP and PML-N are on the collision course? Both side are firing heavy artillery of words and it seems that they are on head on collision coarse.

    The current row got flamed when Zulifqar Mirza threatened PMLN with his fiery comments during a speech in a rally of attacking PML-N offices and workers. Nawaz Sharif has called for a party meeting after which they will decide if they should kick PPP out of Punjab Government.

    What do you think should happen?


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    Re: Show time begins in Punjab ....

    Congratulations to the filthy establishment who must be enjoying the show. People of Pakistan should kick them out, the way Lybians and the arabs are doing.

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    they r looters. chok main kharay ker ka goli marni chahiya in ko

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