During a recent talk show on issue of forward block in Punjab assembly, PMLQ’s MPA Samina Khawar set a new benchmark on media on expressing her point of view.

Samina Khawar brought a plastic and a clay Lota in the talk show and demonstrated the properties of lotas (vessel used for personal hygiene and also used to describe turncoats) on the desk by rotating it and also broke the clay lota on the floor expressing how her party would crush the lotas in assembly. This is no doubt a new low standard set by a politician in giving arguments in front of public, specially by an educated person holding a BBA degree.

This was also shameful as Samina Khawar’s PMLQ was itself founded by General Musharraf by taking turncoats of PMLN.

In response to PMLN’s arguments, Samina and Raja Riaz of PPP did not have any reasonable reply on similar activities done by PPP and PMLQ during governor rule in Punjab, where PMLQ’s was trying their best to make alliance with PPP and trying to break members of PMLN to establish their government in Punjab..