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Thread: Bakwas bakwas aur bakwas!

  1. Bakwas bakwas aur bakwas!

    All tv shows and political news are like tom & jerry show and Im sick of watching them now. But I have a question, whos running this show; Govt, Army or ISI ?
    Every now & then terrorists are killing 10s & 100s of people. The poorly equipped army jawans kill few here and few there. Where is the 600,000 people army which takes the lion share of our budget. Why nobody dares to talk these issues ?

  2. Re: Bakwas bakwas aur bakwas!

    yes Desi on this point i am agree with you that army budget should be discussed in parliament. and it should be audited also.

    but in the cities side police and intelligence departments are responsible to provide security to the common person. but in Pakistan police is only meant to provide security to our VIPs and political leaders.

    i have some figured about lahore police,

    Total Lahore Police Around 27000, out of this only around 7000 police officers are working in police stations to listen the problems of the people. and all other strength have been used to provide security to our politicians.

    so with this type of things tell me how we can secure our people.

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