Secret how a businessman can win’s customer confidence & faith

I want to share how one businessman or traders win own customers confidence and faith when they are selling genuine product or service, after sales do not ignore or avoid complain call and attend clients complain on timely basis in order to get confidence which not restricted to one clients but shift to other peoples also through your clients words.

If suppose a traders or businessman want to sale inferior quality and want to maintain customers or faith than he doing mistake. Losing own customers and never get customer confidence when a businessman selling fake or inferior quality.

In short I would add if a traders sales his product by telling truth than he can sale many times and never worried for his clients, but when same traders doing his business totally keeping customers in dark or mis-guiding any, selling inferior or low grade quality to its customers than he is axing own customers only succeed to sold at once (single time). Never customer visit his shop or ask for services again when he cheat any one before.

If you are businessman than decide where is your goodwill and customers by telling lie’s or truth you decide and adopt in your business policy without any fail.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )