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Thread: Telling ‘lies” habit spoil your reputation & image

  1. Telling ‘lies” habit spoil your reputation & image

    Telling ‘lies” habit spoil your reputation & image

    I want to share my opinion with all human beings Muslims and Non-Muslims when a person telling lies than he lose own reputation and image but he never realized this important point.

    But consider himself that he is very clever and smart by telling lies he sales his products or services or get rid of supplier payments or un wanted calls. But I want to asked question from all Muslims believers if they adopt negative tactics for telling lies in their daily life’s and think without telling lies they can able to sale their product or services than see example of our Last Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) how successfully he is doing business but surprising without telling lies, cheating or making excess (abnormal) profits due to shortage of products or black marketing.

    I would say telling lies is the one of the worst sin which is punishable and never a person skip from God punishment. Request to all Muslim followers for God shake make a habit to speak truth instead of lies.

    If a person tell truth than he has to tell single time but if you telling lie’s than you have to tell further countless lie’s in this connection. Let decide where you get good will, reputation and value by speaking lie’s or truth than adopt one.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. Re: Telling ‘lies” habit spoil your reputation & image

    sharif@ grate thinking and if every Muslim think like you, then on bad thing will remain among Muslim world and Muslims rule the worlds if they obey the order of allah and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
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