What reasons not a single “Killer Driver” yet not punished?

I want to share with all people from entire Pakistan why in our country not a single drivers whose negligence and speedy driving many people’s lost life’s but more shameful and regret why not a single drivers arrested and send him behind the bar. The way our Mini Buses and Truck are driving in Pakistan if such way driving in foreign countries like UAE, UK or Europe than send behind the bar. Why they follow traffic rules and law in foreign countries and interesting to break or not flow in own country due to their lack of education or madness reasons only God knows.

The main reasons for not punishing the killer driver due to our City police are more corrupt and dis-honest. They hide the facts one end and other side trying to proof the driver is not guilty but the riders suddenly come across than he can’t do anything but crushed him such sugar cane normally crushed when people want to drink juice in summer days.

If anyone support and protect those who are real culprits but no punishment awarded the reasons he oblige the police officials and they are happy and how working for save life of Killer drivers.

Who will think when male earners lost his life than who will first earn for his entire family. Their family members start begging to live an alive or ask for charity from Government.

I strong suggest those people who lost their life’s in past must paid 1 million ( Ten Laces ) as compensation. It is the duty of Government to ensure that first passed this law in both House and enforce with immediate affects. 50% compensation should be borne by Government own self and rest 50% by the careless & speedy drivers. If this law is passed and enforce than I think due to careless and speedy driving trend with reduce to some extend in a fear for paying minimum 0.5 Million ( Rupees Five Laces ) when a person killed by his vehicle.

But the question is in our country from top to bottom all are corrupt and dis-honest but more interesting to share how is our country running because there is a few honest and sincere with Pakistan that is why alive in the map of world and I pray no one can break our country and those who are trying to damage or destroy or weak our country economy God should destroy all people with their entire net work and those who are supporting them any reasons all treated enemies of Pakistan.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )