IPL exciting “cricket” tournaments of limited 20 over’s

I want to express that IPL Indian Premier League conducting tournament 0f limited 20 over’s in which Indian, South African, Sri Lankans, Australian and New Zealand team players presently playing in IPL getting very handsome amount.

It is very interesting matches and every team wants to perform best in order to stay in IPL and as well as in home country team. Those who are playing but performance well than make his position otherwise they will not take any place.

In this particular tournament own country fellow play as opposition team. But I observe all teams put entire efforts and struggle to win the match but only that team can win who performed well in all parts ( batting, fielding and no do not drop catches and blowing)

I personally like this type of match will groom new talents later new faces will include in national team. I suggest why not Pakistan Cricket Board starts IPL level cricket tournament but do not include foreigner players but encourage all province teams, banks team, club team and multinational company team in order to take part. But this tournament regular basis organize than we get more new talents and get rid of those senior players who are not performance well and there are more liability and burden to national team.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )