Pakistan�s US envoy promised a �full inquiry� Monday into how Pakistani intelligence services failed to find Osama bin Laden in a fortified compound just a few hours drive from Islamabad. �Obviously bin Laden did have a support system, the issue is that support system within the government and the state of Pakistan or within the society of Pakistan?� ambassador Husain Haqqani told CNN. �We all know that there are people in Pakistan who share the same belief system and other extremists�. So that is a fact that there are people who probably protected him,� he said. �We will do a full inquiry into finding out why our intelligence services were not able to track him earlier.� �Any question about intelligence failures will definitely be addressed by us jointly,� Haqqani said. �What I find incredulous is the notion that somehow, just because there is a private support network in Pakistan, the state, the government and the military of Pakistan shouldn�t be believed.� But the ambassador indicated there were some in Pakistan that still had to come to terms with working with the Americans. �Look, we have to as a nation in Pakistan re-evaluate our view of this whole problem,� he said. Some people after 9/11 �said we shouldn�t side with the United States because the United States is about to crumble like the Soviet Union did and we should actually support the Taliban,� he said. �You remember that, that changed. Pakistan has to come to terms with the fact and we will.�
By: Dawn News