I want to ask question from all people’s those uses u-fone cell services and aware of 14 days U-fone sms package No.603 which cost around Rs.30 and send 2,500 sms to any net work place only in Pakistan.

I usually subscribe this package which suit to my budget but face problem when the last date arrive than suddenly stop sending message. More interesting to share some time packages ends in evening and sometimes in night hours. More interesting to share I never utilized 2500 sms facility to send than I understood my package should be ended but when I send less than 2500 sms than what reasons my packages ends in early hours as a reason to give punishment for using U-fone sms package.

I never understand why cell phone companies in Pakistan always remain hungry for more and more profit. If they get tension for business or do not achieve their projected target than please reduce their advertisement in TV commercial which is the simple and best way to control the cost and other side do not think to cheat customer in order to earn more profits such way re-build own customer image and trust.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )