Pakistan Muslim League-N chief Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that the recent US operation to kill Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad had put the country`s sovereignty at stake. Talking to newsmen at the residence of former Lahore district nazim Mian Amir Mahmood, the PML-N leader said the country faced a dangerous situation which called for national unity. “The Abbottabad operation was a serious attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan and the nation is looking at recent developments with concern and wants to know who is responsible for the situation,” he said. He said the incidents of (release of) US spy Raymond Davis and killing of Osama bin Laden threatened the solidarity and integrity of the country. He warned that the country`s independence, sovereignty and honour would be at stake if such incidents were ignored. Mr Sharif said the country, which was already facing immense problems, could not deal with any more difficulties. Recalling his statement that President Asif Ali Zardari was a threat to democracy and national integrity, the PML-N leader said it was for the media to judge whether he was right or wrong. “Everything I had said about the president a year and a half ago has now been proven to be true.” Amjad Mahmood
By: Dawn News